Last Updated: November 5, 2021

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Preferential and \(k\)-Zone Parking Functions

Rebecca Garcia, Parneet Gill, Pamela E. Harris, J. Carlos Martínez Mori, Christopher Soto, Pamela Vargas, Dwight Anderson Williams II

In preparation, 2021


The Expected Number of Distinct Consecutive Patterns in a Random Permutation

Austin Allen, Dylan Cruz Fonseca, Veronica Dobbs, Egypt Downs, Evelyn Fokuoh
Anant Godbole, Sebastián Papanikolaou Costa, Christopher Soto, Lino Yoshikawa

Submitted, 2020
arXiv | Paper PDF


Introducing Three Best Known Goppa Codes

Jan L. Carrasquillo-López, Axel O. Gómez-Flores, Christopher Soto, Fernando Piñero

Submitted, 2020
arXiv | Paper PDF

Writing Contributions to the Profession


People Over Math: A Co-created Principle for Successful Research Communities

Faculty authors: Rebecca Garcia, Pamela E. Harris, and Dwight Anderson Williams II
Graduate student authors: J. Carlos Martínez Mori and Casandra Monroe
Undergraduate student authors: Tomás Aguilar-Fraga, Yasmin Aguillon, Daniel Alofamoni Quiñonez, Dylan Alvarenga, Aalliyah Celestine, Parneet Gill, Imhotep Hogan, Jakeyl Johnson, Kobe Lawson-Chavanu, Lina Liu, Aaron Ortiz, Lauren Quesada, Cynthia Marie Rivera Sánchez, Christopher Soto, Camelle Tieu, Dirk Tolson III, Jacob van der Leeuw, and Pamela Vargas

Submitted, 2021